About us

Allpccloud is a specialized eCommerce web service made in Düsseldorf. We provide a web-based product configuration service which can be adapted into virtually every product or service you would like to offer, ranging from T-Shirts with individual labels to customized houses, tailor-made insurance contracts to complex industrial goods and services. The allpccloud product configurator enables you to sell highly individualized products and services via internet beyond the capabilities of a conventional online shop.

After subscription to our web portal, you can define a highly flexible product structure and a sequence of consecutive configuration steps; the wizard. This wizard can be easily included into your standard web presence via JavaScript. As a result, you have the product configuration frontend seamlessly on your web page including CAD-, calculation- and sales tools without your clients noticing it is an external service. Please check out the illustration page.

Also included in your subscription at allpccloud is a basic support to get your configurator up and running. No software or application server has to be maintained. For the subscription fee, please visit our pricing page. In addition to this, you may contact us for extended support, customized plugins and the installation of the allpccloud software into your IT environment.

Illustrations / Demo

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  • Flexible data base

Allpccloud offers functionality to represent data for almost every kind of imaginable product with our internal PDM (product data management) system.

  • Fully web based

Our software is a completely web based service. Once you have an account, everything works via a web browser and embedding into your website is done via JavaScript. No additional host server is needed and our software is both desktop- and mobile-friendly.

  • Multilingual

All textual information can be provided with translations in arbitrary languages and the configurator frontend could be switched to a particular language or allowed to use the browser language settings.

  • Commercial functionality

We provide functionality to generate offers or trigger orders based on BOMs and top-down price computation. This process can be automated to any desired degree.

  • CAD macro modelling

3D CAD shapes can optionally be created and visualized from the configuration input data via macro. This feature could be used to create e.g. STEP files for internal basic engineering or made available to clients.


allpccloud GmbH
Reichswaldallee 23a
40472 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: info@allpccloud.de
Web : www.allpccloud.com