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Allpccloud is a software and engineering company based in Düsseldorf, Germany (NRW). We provide adept consulting services to the metallurgical industry, software for productivity and simulation in engineering and sales, strength analysis with design support and offer expertise in software engineering with focus on complex numerical software. The allpccloud GmbH was finally founded in 2018 after 15 years of playing key roles in the Metallurgical and software engineering industry.

We offer state-of-the-art simulation software for the rolling mill- and metals industry. We provide solutions ranging from consultation and optimization to full featured automization (Level 2-) software. Using the most modern methods of software engineering we offer functionality for the next generation of automization systems.

GPU acceleration techniques (Highly recommended option) : This is the next generation of high-performance software, in view of the fact that we use modern GPU acceleration techniques to maximize computing performance which enables us to use complex numerical methods even in time-critical applications for (Level 2-) automation systems in the metals and rolling mill industry.

We are proud to work with world-class companies in the metallugical industry to support and consult process- and product development. We offer FEM simulations and strength assessments for complex industrial products and tailor-made software for process simulation. We have a vast toolkit of methods particularly for finite-element or finite-volume numerical simulations. Check out our examples page.

We provide a web-based product configuration service which can be adapted for virtually every product or service you would like to offer, ranging from bolts for the automotive industry to customized houses, tailor-made insurance contracts to complex industrial goods and services. The allpccloud product configurator enables you to sell highly individualized products and services via internet, combining powerful engineering capabilities with the possibilities of online shops and eCommerce. Please check out our example page.

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  • Web service

We are experts in the field of web service development and operation. Consequently the allpccloud product configurator is a fully web-based cloud service. This implies that our Clients simply subscribe to our service without a need to install or host the software.

  • Parametric 3D CAD modelling

The CAD kernel included our product configurator is capable to generate ready-to-use 3D CAD shapes automatically from the configuration process. The necessary parameters are partly obtained by customer input, partly by automated and user-defined scripts as a result of the automated engineering process.

  • GPU programming

We take advantage of the latest GPU programming techniques to create a new generation of simulation and automation systems. By accelerating our numerical algorithms by at least one order of magnitude it is possible to implement much more accurate physical models than ever without violating the tough restrictions for computation time in production applications.


allpccloud GmbH

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