Feel free to try our examples! Click on one of the start buttons to start a sample configuration.

Like here it is possible to embed the configurator frontend to your website with a few lines of JavaScript – a piece of cake for your webdesigner – to make it available for your customers.

Prefabricated house

Demo to configure a house. You can select house types and subtypes, choose equipments (heater, garage…) and in one case (bungalow –> bungalow L-form, custom) also freely choose dimensions. For this a downloadable 3D CAD model is generated. Price calculation and generation of offer document is included.

Facade part

Configure a facade grid. Select a form and specify dimensions. A CAD part is generated ready for download including a mass and cost estimation. A sample offer document is created for sales purposes.


This demo illustrates the configuration of a tailored awning e.g. for a terrace as an example for building components. A customer can choose between two forms (triangular vs. rectangular), determine the size and choose a  color – the configuration service tracks and verifies the input data, computes the price and triggers the order, all step by step (plugin by plugin), guided by a wizard.