Frequently asked questions – FAQ



  • Why allpccloud?

Because this configurator is versatile, powerful and can be adapted to EVERY product.

  • I know product configurators for bicycles, caravans etc… How is it possible your configurator is suitable for every product as you claim?

Your product is represented in a data structure similar to modern PLM (product lifecycle management) systems. The visible web interface, the “wizard”, is arbitrarily made up from elementary steps to guide your clients through the configuration process. We are sure that we can also handle your product with such a structure.

  • What are your conditions?

In brief, a subscriber fee of 416 €/month, minimum duration of the contract 1 year. For more information see our GTCs.

  • Why a webservice?

This is the most economical option in most cases: You can keep your standard web presence and only have to include an HTML <iframe> (similar to a hyperlink) for seamless integration. To host a configurator service by yourself, you would need an own application server (approx. 200 – 500 €/month) and would still need the software on top which must be purchased, administrated and maintained. With a web service this is done by us. No need to install additional software, everything can be done via browser.

  • What about data security?

We never publish or give away client data without your agreement. We do high effort for internal security, separate clients from each other, and use secure, encrypted protocols (SSL/TLS). Hosting is done in Germany.

  • What about language switching?

Support of multi-lingual content is one of the main advantages of allpccloud. Remember: The main intent of eCommerce is to extend your clientele and reach customers over a long distance – why stop at language borders? You can supply all captions in arbitrary translations. The web service either tries to choose the appropriate language using browser settings or you can override the language setting in the API.

  • I do not want to sell my products fully automated without consultation with my clients. Does allpccloud still make sense for me?

Yes, it is not necessary to fully automate the selling process and make it anonymous. You can setup the software such that not an invoice is generated but an offer without engagement which can be the basis for discussions. So you can invite your clients to play around with various scenarios, including price calculation. As soon as such an offer is generated you are informed by Mail and you gain the contact data of the interested potential client.

  • How does the system inform me about orders and client requests?

Via E-Mail. Once the system is set up and your product is not changed it is necessary to use the web portal in exceptional cases only. At the best the system runs automatically and delivers information of orders and requests to you.

  • Do you carry out payment processes and are there interfaces to payment services?

We concentrate on the configuration processes, the transaction handling is still your responsibility. We work hard to extend our service in this direction.

  • What is done on data protection with respect to the GPDR (DSGVO)?

allpccloud GmbH puts emphasize on data protection and does high effort to grant all our users the possibility to exercise their rights on data protection in accordance to EU laws. This is also an advantage for you: You can rely on us to handle you clients’ data properly and focus on your own products. Read this for more information.

  • How do I terminate my membership at allpccloud?

In text form via E-Mail: support [at] or info [at]